Instagram as media to shape self-esteem in teenagers

Instagram as media to shape self-esteem in teenagers

Lawnmowercornerca –┬áThe presence of technology creates the virtual world as a new space for interaction. Instagram is a virtual world interacting with which teens can construct a self-image. Adolescence is a period of searching for identity. Instagram users are dominated by teens. Teens shape their self-esteem through Instagram by sharing photos. Teens use multiple accounts with different features to shape self-esteem.

There are two possibilities if one is in the virtual world. The first possibility that they construct themselves according to what is in reality, and the second possibility that they use Instagram to form a self-image that is different from their real life. In the virtual world, users can present different self-images so that users can have multiple identities. The existence of a virtual world encourages adolescents to form self-images and seek identity. They can freely form a self-image in the virtual world.

In the virtual world, there is interaction between users. In the process of user interaction, identity always involves. Identity in the virtual world can be shaped by self-esteem. Self-esteem is formed through a process of interaction. The interactions that occur on Instagram lead to self-definition. Instagram offers users a feature to create a self-image in the virtual world.

Instagram users can be free to express themselves without feeling risky to show their best self-esteem because it is important to them. Self-esteem determines the placement of a person’s role in the social environment. Each individual has unlimited ability to express themselves. This self-expression will produce a self-image that determines its role.

In the process of forming self-image through photos, symbolic interactions take place between users. Symbolic interactions on content uploaded to social media provide meaning that is interpreted by the user to become the identity of the content uploader. The meaning or information conveyed non-verbally is a self-image. Individuals interact with other individuals in symbolic interactions to generate ideas about themselves. Instagram users interact with other users through photos to generate ideas or self-images.

Users consider the meaning of a photo before uploading it to Instagram. Users think about what meanings can arise when uploading photos. This illustrates the concept of thought in the symbolic theory of interactionality, that is, when Instagram users communicate with themselves to determine what decisions are made on their Instagram account.


From the description above several conclusions can be drawn. Some of these conclusions are:

  • Instagram provides a virtual space for teens to form a self-image to showcase their existence.
  • Teens use Instagram as a virtual world to shape self-images through user-image interactions in the form of images, text, and symbols.
  • Their motivation to form a self-image is so that they can give a positive impression so that they can be well received in friendship and society.
  • Self-esteem by adolescents is influenced by personal experiences and perceptions of other people about themselves.
  • Teenagers are very critical in shaping their self-esteem. They think about what can happen if they do something. Everything done by them can cause perceptions in other people.
  • Self-existence and self-identity are important things for adolescents. Teenagers who are not active will see themselves as someone who shuts themselves off.
  • The self-esteem they display in the virtual world of Instagram is not necessarily the same as their existence in real life.

Source: Venostech