How to Take Care of Football Field Grass

How to Take Care of Football Field Grass

Lawnmowercornerca – There are many football fields decorated with beautiful, well-kept lawns. But do you know how to maintain the turf on this football field?

Because if it is not maintained properly, it will not produce good eyesight. So, just like the How To Fertilize Odot Turf discussion, here are the procedures for taking care of a good and correct soccer field turf.

1. Selection of lawn type

For soccer fields, several types of turf can be used and are often planted. The selection of this type will determine the quality and level of difficulty of the treatment.

Similar to how to fertilize cayenne pepper with Ajinomoto, there are types of Japanese herbs and mini elephant herbs that are used frequently. You can choose which type of weed to use later.

2. Site preparation

Of course, you need a pitch that meets the requirements for use as a football facility, such as the pitch described in How to Fertilize Palm Oil in Peatlands. This land will not only be prepared but also grass will be sown so that it can be used as a football field.

Land clearing is a step that must be carried out when determining what land will be used. manage the land well to produce herbaceous plants that will thrive later.

3. Planting

The next step after the soil treatment is the seeding of the pieces of grass that will be used. For maximum land management, there is nothing wrong with using a treatment tool like a tractor so that the land can be sown with the grass seeds that have been provided.

The important thing in this planting process is to ensure that the nutrients in the soil are sufficient and can be used as the raw material for the development of the grass. Also remember not to damage the roots of the lawn when planting.

4. Irrigation and fertilization

Much like how to fertilize odot grass, we need to provide an adequate supply of clean water. Otherwise, the grass will not grow well. Just remember not to go too far with the sprinklers or too few.

The intensity of irrigation will follow the current season. This will be more common if there is a dry season that causes the soil or land where it is to be planted to dry out and not loosen at all.

As for self-fertilization, basic fertilization is usually carried out after planting the seeds of grasses to promote their growth. Then refertilize every 3-4 months to maximize growth again.

5. Pruning and maintenance

Much like the planting tips in How to Fertilize Longan With Salt, we need to know how to properly maintain your lawn so that it grows well. The main care needed is the size issue.

This pruning should be done based on the growth pattern of the grass on the ball field later. It is enough to cut 3-4 cm maximum. Make this cut if the length of the grass is no longer the same and has increased.

The use of pesticides and fungicides is also often used in order to overcome the problems of pests and diseases that often attack. Well, isn’t it easy? If you take good care of the grass on the football field, you can grow it yourself.